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20 April 2024

14 o'clock

Basel Mission

Missionstrasse 21, Basel

21 April 2024,
11 o'clock

House of the General Reading Society,

Münsterplatz 8, Basel


Über uns: Willkommen


In the tradition of our namesake Hermann Gundert, Hermann Hesse's grandfather,
we encourage people to meet across social, religious, cultural and national borders.
Hermann Gundert Society was founded on the occasion of the Hermann Gundert Conference, which took place in Stuttgart in May 1993, Hermann Gundert's 100th death anniversary.

Hermann Gundert spent 23 years as a teacher and missionary in South India.
During this time he contributed significantly to communication,
cartographic documentation and cultural exchange thanks to his linguistic talents.
Particularly during his stay in Kerala, he collected historical as well as other Malayalam scriptures
and used them extensively for publication.

kunstvoll gemalter Ganesha

“Knowledge can be communicated, but wisdom cannot.
You can find it, you can live it, you can be carried by it,
you can do miracles with it, but you cannot say or teach it."

From Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.


Our goal is to maintain intercultural dialogue in the spirit of Hermann Gundert.
Our society promotes lectures, seminars, conferences and exhibitions at home and abroad.
Local and foreign publications, which serve the cause of international understanding shall be supported.
Five pillars are implementing these goals: exchange, education, science, art, travel.


According to our patron Hermann Gundert, who founded schools in various places in South India and developed curricula, we support schools and universities in establishing cooperations or partnerships, engage in educational work, the improvement of curricula as well as in letter and student partnerships.

Handschrift HG.jpg


We open up private collections, publish source material and scientific papers on language, religion and culture. We carry out exhibitions, seminars and conferences and participate in scientific projects and intercultural events in cooperation with other societies and educational institutions.


We support intercultural projects such as exhibitions as well as performances in the fields of dance, music and arts.

Zeichnung Aarthy Tänzerin
Transportboot auf Fluss


We organise guided study tours to South India. The travelers not only get the opportunity to get to know another country with people, landscape and culture, but also get a deep, personal insight into lived culture and into today’s everyday life in India.



Regardless of subject, age and qualification, we initiate exchange programmes between schools and universities in the fields of humanities, technology or medicine for interested parties ... and wherever horizons are widened!


1937 - 2023

Hermann Gundert Society - Society for the Promotion of Inter-Cultural Dialogue, was founded in 1993 in the run-up to the events of Hermann Gundert's 100th death anniversary in order to foster intercultural dialogue. The initiator was Dr. Albrecht Frenz, who organised the Hermann Gundert Conference with an exhibition in 1993. 

As an indologist, archaeologist and theologian, Dr. Albrecht Frenz received his doctorate with a dissertation in Vedic Sanskrit at the University of Marburg. In 1969 he became a pastor in Württemberg, Germany. From 1974 to 77 he taught German at Kamaraj University Madurai and Tamilnadu Theological Seminary in Madurai, South India.

From 1971 he traveled regularly to India, especially for lectures, conferences and seminars. From 1980 he devoted himself to the life and work of Dr. Hermann Gundert and published books in Germany and Kerala – several times together with Dr. Scaria Zacharia, Professor of Malayalam in Kerala. Under his direction, numerous study trips to South India took place in the footsteps of Hermann Gundert.

Gründer Dr. Albrecht Frenz


The statutes of the Hermann Gundert Society
has remained the same since its inception -
only the female form (Feb. 2001) as well
the option of an online general meeting (Feb. 2021) has been added.


We look forward to the contact and exchange!
Your Hermann Gundert Society

Thank you very much!

Hermann Gundert Handschrift
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