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The University of Tübingen has made Hermann Gundert's writings accessible on the Internet.

Hermann Gundert's estate contains printed and lithographed books as well as small print in Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit and other languages.

There are also Indian manuscripts including some palm leaf manuscripts, copies and notebooks in various languages ​​by Hermann Gundert and his missionary colleagues.

All works from the 19th century in South Indian languages ​​that are in the holdings of the university library have also been included in the digitization, even if they do not come from the estate of Hermann Gundert in the narrower sense. English and German-language material from the pen of Gundert and his closest collaborators was also added.


with presentations on Hermann Gundert's 200th birthday


for Hermann Gundert's 200th birthday

Hermann Gundert was a bridge builder between nations, social classes and religions. Gundert is popular among Indians to this day and is quoted a lot. This is how Keralese say when they don't know something: "Look it up in the Gundert."

Hermann Gundert is a prime example of how migration and a fruitful coexistence are possible even among groups that appear to be opposing to the outside world. What defines his personality has lost none of its topicality to this day and can be read in the anniversary volume published in 2014. The hardcover includes, among other things, presentations from the Gundert-Hesse seminar from May 2014 in Calw as well as pictures from exhibitions on Hermann Gundert. In addition to seminars and exhibitions, the city of Calw held another colorful bouquet of events this Gundert year.

The anniversary band can be ordered from us [single price 10, - € plus shipping].




Hermann Gundert. Monologue - dialogue - trialogue

Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Stuttgart 2014, ISBN / GTIN 978-3-923107-63-6

Hermann Gundert. Monologue - Dialogue - Trialogue

Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , English translation by Katrin Binder, Stuttgart 2014

Hermann Gundert. Trip to Malabar

Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm 1998

Hermann Gundert. Dialogue of Cultures

Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm 1993

Hermann Gundert. Bridge between India and Europe
Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm 1993

Hermann Gundert Series (HGS)

Zacharia, Scaria / Frenz, Albrecht (editor)

  • Volume 1: A Malayalam and English Dictionary, Kottayam 1991

  • Volume 2: Grammatical Works , Kottayam 1991

  • Volume 3.1: Hermann Gundert, sources on his life and work , Ulm 1991

  • Volume 3.2: Hermann Gundert and Malayalam Language , Kottayam 1993

  • Volume 3.3: Hermann Gundert, Biography, Malayalam , Kottayam 1991

  • Volume 4: Historical and Literary Works , Kottayam 1992

  • Volume 5: Christian Literature (Vajra Suji) , Kottayam 1992

  • Volume 6: Malayalam Bible , Kottayam 1992

Hermann Gundert. Sources on his life and work
Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm 1991

Hermann Gundert. Calwer diary 1859-1893
Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm / Stuttgart 1986

Hermann Gundert. Writings and reports from Malabar
Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm / Stuttgart 1983

Hermann Gundert. Diary from Malabar 1837-1859

Frenz, Albrecht (editor) , Ulm / Stuttgart 1983


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